Floppy and the Sleepy Planet

Currently in Development

Floppy and the Sleepy Planet is a proud EPIC MegaGrants recipient

Position(s) - Concept Art Lead and Marketing Artist - Jan 2020 - Present

Floppy and the Sleepy Planet is a wholesome platformer taking you on an emotional journey as you follow the adventures of Floppy and Kara.

After generations of rest, Floppy the robo bunny & his companion Kara wake up to find the Sleepy Planet in despair. The ancient Guardians that once helped maintain their flourishing planet have let their minds wander and forgot their responsibilities.

Now it’s up to you to explore the ruins, recover your lost memories, and bring the Sleepy Planet back to its former beauty.

Explore the mystery, fun, and secrets of the Sleepy Planet while solving puzzles and other challenges through nonviolent means.

To learn more about the game, check out their website, sleepyplanetgame.com.

Official Art

Working Title : ele"Mentals"

Global Game Jam 2015 - Glasgow, Scotland.

Retro arcade battle that will have you cooperating with your friends, and then it'll have you shouting "What do you do now?!"

Diversifiers: Noise Generator:The mechanic of the game is based on players having to stay in constant communication with each other. Can I Try?:Any spectator of the game automatically becomes a player as well.

Platforms: MS Windows, OUYA

ele"mentals" was a designed and created over 48 hours at the Global Game Jam 2015 on Glasgow. For more about the Global Game Jam and to see other games created, check out their website, Global Game Jam 2015.

You can download the early version of this game over on the ele"Mentals" Global GameJam page.

Meet the ele"Mentals" Team

Christina Little - Backgrounds, Assets and Graphic Design

David Carr - Character and Enemy Coding

Melanie Tranchemontagne - Character Design and Animation

Richard Allan - General Coding

Kenny Campbell - Game Design, Level Design and Sound

Bendy Bob

jamTODAY 2014 - Glasgow, Scotland

The goal of Bendy Bob is to guide a broken robot through the level using a custom simplified programming language which allows you to interact with the World and solve simple puzzles. “Meet Bob, He woke up this morning broken in a scrapyard, with no memory of how to do basic robot things. He can sort of move but his hard drive is broken and he has limited storage space. It’s your job to help him regain his memory by using high level code and items to navigate through his messy environment. Help Bob search the junkyard for USBs, batteries and a new hard drive, while trying to avoid the dangers of the scrapyard!”

Bendy Bob was a designed and created over 48 hours at the jamTODAY.eu game Jam back in September 2014. For more about jamToday.eu, check out their website, www.jamtoday.eu.

You can download the Bendy Bob Game over on the Bendy Bob jamToday page.

Meet The 'Bendy Bob' Team

Samuel Hirst - Programming

Matthew Mitchell - Programming

Melanie Tranchemontagne - Art, Graphic Design & Animation

Raphael Monnin - Sound